Let’s Be Better Than Yesterday

Last week, while we were competing in the Ontario Scotties, many of us also took part in a national conversation about mental health and the importance of talking with each other and not tearing each other down.

A day after Bell Let’s Talk day, an incident occurred during the Ontario Scotties that was disappointing. It was hurtful and disrespectful to all of those involved. On a positive note, many have come forward to apologize and take responsibility for their participation. It takes a lot of courage to do so. We appreciate that we all make mistakes and there is a lot of room for forgiveness. To those still attempting to hide and take no responsibility, it is a shame. We are simply seeking an apology. To personally tear someone down for reasons we may never know, is not a part of curling. There is no place for bullying in or out of sport.

I’m sure at one point we have all been in the wrong; whether we were the bully, the ones who jumped onboard, or the bystander that didn’t speak up. We need to learn from mistakes of the past and of others to be better. It’s OK to speak up, to reach out. Bullies should never win.

We want everyone to take a minute and think about the next time they say or do something. Is this helpful, beneficial, and supportive toward others? No one knows what their competitors, neighbours, colleagues or classmates are going through. 

Let’s not tear each other apart, let’s be better than yesterday and help build each other back up.

Team Homan will be making a donation towards Can’t Dim My Light an anti-bullying campaign in Ottawa. We also want to thank everyone who has given their support through this.

- Rachel Homan