Pinty's All-Star Curling Skins Game

We’re in Banff for the 2016 Pinty’s All-Star Curling Skins Game on TSN this weekend. 

Three other women’s teams and four men’s teams join us in the shadows of Mount Rundle to compete for $100,000.

We’ll take on Team Sweeting in the first women’s semi-final on Friday, January 8th at 8 p.m. ET at the Banff Recreation Centre.  Team Jones will take on Team Rocque in the other women’s semi-final. 

We’re looking to defend our Pinty’s All-Star Skins Game title after our $52,000 win in the mountains last January. 

This event is a unique one that is designed to entertain fans as much as it is to challenge us as players.  You’ll see us trying an even more aggressive approach to the game as each end is practically its own game.

In skins curling play the objective is:

  • Score two or more points with the hammer to win the cash skin
  • Score one or more points without the hammer to win the cash skin
  • Blank the end to carry the cash skin over to the next end but lose the hammer

There is an additional winner’s bonus and draw to the pin bonus up for grabs throughout the weekend.

You can catch all of the games, including the men’s semi-finals and finals, on TSN throughout the weekend. 



While you’re enjoying some Pinty’s products and watching TSN, you have a chance to get in on some of the winning by entering the Pinty’s Curling Meme contest over on Pinty’s Facebook page.


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